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Compiling and Updating Arduino Uno Software

This section describes how to compile and program my software onto an Arduino Uno board using the Arduino IDE. 

  1. If you have an Arduino Uno clone that uses the CH340 USB-Serial IC, then you need to download and install these drivers.

  2. Download and install the Arduino IDE:​

  3. Open the Arduino IDE and open the project file that you downloaded from Github

  4. Install the libraries needed for this project:

    1. Go to Tools > manage Libraries in the Arduino IDE

    2. Start typing the library name

    3. Find the library in the list below

    4. Click install (it will install the latest version)

    5. If there are other dependencies it wants to install, just select “Install All”

    6. Repeat for all libraries:   Adafruit SSD1306 • Adafruit GFX Library • DallasTemperature

  5. Go back to the main Arduino IDE window

  6. You should now be able to compile the software. Click the "tick" button top left and it should build and give you a message like this "Done compiling". Check the compiler output window at the bottom of the screen and make sure there are no error or warning messages. It should look like the picture below if it compiled successfully.

  7. In the Arduino IDE software go to Tools> Board and select "Arduino Uno" from the list

  8. Plug the Arduino board into your PC with the USB cable

  9. Next go to Tools> Port and select the highest number COM port (this is just a guess but the most likely)

  10. Now just press the arrow button top left and it will compile and then upload the software. The window at the bottom will say "Done uploading" when it's finished. If this fails, then the port number selected could be wrong.

  11. Unplug the USB and plug the Arduino Uno into the annealer baseboard and you're good to go.



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