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48V Power Supply Setup

The 48V 600W power supply has plenty of grunt to anneal a case in a short duration 2-5 seconds typically. While testing I found that reducing the output voltage to 42V meant I was able to anneal cases quickly but didn’t run the risk of hitting the power supplies output current limit. To explain further, the ZVS board is capable of 1000W (so they say 😉) but we only have a 600W power supply feeding it. The higher the supply voltage is to the ZVS, then the higher the input current needs to be with a heavily loaded work coil. There is a potentiometer on the 600W power supply that you can use to set the output DC voltage. I suggest starting at 42V and increase it if you need more.


If you have chosen to use the current sensor on your annealer, then you can monitor the ZVS current while it’s annealing. The power supply is rated at 600W, 48V so the magic number to keep below is 12.5A. The software is setup to automatically turn off the ZVS relay if the current goes above 12.3A (if you have a current sensor installed). My 300 win mag cases draw the most current during annealing at ~9.7A – but I still have plenty of headroom.

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