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Software Usage

The latest release version of Arduino software for the annealer can be downloaded from github here:


The software requires the following connections at a minimum to be able to function:

  • OLED display

  • Time set button

  • Start/stop button


Main screen:

After bootup, the OLED will display the main screen. This shows the current anneal time and the ZVS temperature if a sensor is fitted. It also displays if the cooling system is running.


Changing the anneal time:

Pressing the time button will increase the anneal time by 0.1s for each press. The settable range is between 2.0 and 8.0 seconds. A long press of the time button will reset it back to 2.0s. The last used time is saved on the Arduino and will restore on the next powerup.

*The time variances I have seen are 2.8s for .223 brass up to 4.9s for .308 brass. Interestingly, the larger 300 win mag brass anneals in 4.0s

Setting the run mode:

The mode key toggles between single shot mode and free run mode and the state is shown on the main screen. In free run mode, you have 5 seconds to load in the next case before it starts annealing.

Showing unit settings:

A long press of the mode key will bring up a screen that displays the software version you have as well as the presence of a temp sensor and current sensor.

Over temperature protection:
If a temperature sensor is installed, the unit will go into forced cooldown mode if the sensor reads more than 55 °C. The annealer will be able to be used again once it drops to 40 °C.

Pressing the start/stop button will set the annealer going immediately. After each powerup, it will first remind you to check the case height and anneal time – It’s really easy to forget to set the correct height for the different cartridges! 

Customising the software
For those that want to customise the software, the source code link is provided above. Most of the things you would want to customise are #defines at the start of the file so editing is quite straight forward.

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