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ZVS Wiring

*The 48V power supply can deliver >12A. Make sure you use a decent gauge wire (>2mm2) to get the best out of the ZVS induction board.


** Don’t power up the ZVS induction board without the work coil fitted. It will most likely damage the MOSFET’s.

Temp sensor (optional - but recommended)

The temperature sensor monitors the temperature of the ZVS board during use and will automatically enter a cooldown period if board temperatures climb above a defined level. The capacitors on the ZVS board are carrying a significant amount of AC current from the LC resonant circuit and tend to increase in temperature more quickly than other parts due to the insulative plastic enclosures. The MOSFET's on the ZVS board are connected to large heatsinks and will typically have airflow from the cooling system so are less of a concern. 

For these reasons, I suggest attaching the temperature sensor to the capacitor bank with a dab of RTV or similar. Below shows a possible location to place the sensor.

Current sensor (optional)

Wire in series with the 48V supply to the ZVS.

If you aren’t using the current sensor, then connect the signal wire to GND on the board as shown below with a jumper wire or a standard PCB jumper.

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